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Fun and Free (or Nearly Free) Ways to Spread Kindness

Updated: May 26, 2021

We can all use extra kindness these days.

This past year has taught us just how much we need kindness. As we gear up to reconnect in person, we'll be experiencing new stresses as we readjust to continually evolving circumstances.

I was delighted to be interviewed by Belinda Jensen from NBC affiliate, KARE 11 about simple ways we can practice kindness. (In case you are wondering, YES, Belinda is just as warm, friendly and kind as you see her on TV.) Click here to view. I'll share a list I created several years ago that is relevant now more than ever. I've added a few ideas, too. What ideas would you like to add for ways to spread kindness? Please comment with your thoughts. Wouldn't it be fun to get to 50 ideas?

Here is my original list I created way back in 2015 that was geared to networking: 1. Post a positive review or testimonial for someone you know who has a great product or service (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Yelp)

2. When someone posts on social media that they are seeking a recommendation, recommend your favorite service provider and tag their business page or list their URL.

3. Support artisans and small businesses within your network. When purchasing gifts, think about who in your network you could purchase from (e.g. artist, crafter, musician, author, boutique…).

4. Comment on and share your favorite blogposts and articles written by those in your network and help them to get their message out into the world.

5. Send a handwritten card expressing appreciation.

6. Mail a $5 coffee card to a connection just because you feel like it.

7. Contact someone to let them know what positive impact they made on you and how you are carrying it forward.

8. For the people you know who are seeking employment: Take some time to think about whether you know anyone who may be hiring for their desired position and pass along job leads.

9. Call a client and simply say thank you for the pleasure of doing business with them.

10. When you introduce people in your network to each other, share something you really appreciate about each person (beyond their name and job title).

Here are some more ideas for spreading kindness to anyone: 11. Check in to simply see how they are doing. Practice active listening.

12. Practice grace and kindness with others (and yourself) as we navigate how to reconnect in-person after a challenging year+ apart.

13. Welcome new neighbors with a list of your favorite things about the neighborhood.

14. Express appreciation to essential workers. 15. Once we can stop wearing masks, let's smile at each other. In the meantime, give a friendly greeting of a nod when you walk past someone.

16. Gift something you no longer use to someone who can use or enjoy it.

17. Be a mentor to someone. (Online mentorship is possible, too! I am currently mentoring a young woman from South Africa who is studying in Ireland. We haven't met in person but we both lift each other up, gain ideas and energy when we connect.)

18. Donate clothes in good condition to a place like Ready for Success for those needing a work wardrobe.

19. Especially for those who are going through a hard time or feeling isolated, take an extra moment to like and to add an uplifting comment on their social media posts.

20. Tell other about helpful resources. For example, if you know of a woman in business who could benefit from gaining networking tips while growing mutually beneficial connections, please let her know about Women in Networking. WIN's private LinkedIn group is free to join. I share weekly networking tips and conversation starters in the LinkedIn group.

21. And here is a self-promotional one... If you know of someone who could use more joy and fulfillment personally or professionally, you can Pay it FUNward by gifting them the 50 Fun Things: Enjoy the Small Things fun-sized inspirational book.

What random act of kindness will you do today?

What ideas would you add to this list? Can we get to 50? We are almost halfway there! Please comment with your ideas.

As founder of Win Win Connects, Teresa Thomas connects people, possibilities and purpose as an award-winning connector, presenter, networking expert, and author of Win/Win Networking and 50 Fun Things® – Enjoy the Small Things.

She was named "Dynamic Connector" in the 2019 50 Over 50 exemplary leaders by AARP and Pollen. As the leader of Women in Networking (WIN), she was chosen as 2019 Women in Business Champion through the Small Business Administration (SBA) of Minnesota.

Teresa fosters our interconnectedness and the ways we can lift each other up for lives of joy, connection and fulfillment.

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