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A World Transformed: Living Boldly

By Rachel Claret, MSM, 50 Fun Things Alum

I recently spent a week in the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica with a group of brilliant people who are committed to living boldly and without limits.

We came together through the 50 Fun Things®: Experience Pura Vida retreat.

While we marveled at sloths and monkeys (and deer and porcupine and bats and more!) we had conversations about how important it is to speak up about things that matter, and how to dream big.

And then…

We moved the earth.


There was an earthquake that happened while we spoke about having an impact on the world.

We joked nervously about how we’d better be careful what we wished for.  ("I’m no longer going to say that I want to move mountains!”)

But… talk about a demonstration of words having power!

Talk about how intention and action become real, concrete things in the world! 

Even if you think, “it was just a coincidence,” there’s still a whole lot of evidence demonstrating that being intentional around your words is incredibly powerful. 

Speaking of intentional power, in the Extreme Leadership Accelerator, I support participants in getting very clear about how they want to affect the world this year.

It can be something that you want to do work-wise (start a business, write a book, build a team), personally (plan for the next stage in life, develop a new skill), or in service to the world (create a non-profit venture, start a local program). 

Whatever it is that you choose to focus on, we’re going to provide an extremely effective forum for turning your thoughts and words into concrete actions with REAL RESULTS. 

Whatever you are intending to create this year, don’t do it alone!

In our kickoff event, we introduced the concept of Leadership through Love, Energy, Audacity & Proof (LEAP), and then spending time actually creating and identifying your focus for the year.  (We call it your Change The World Project.) You can listen to it here.

If the idea of finally DOING that big thing excites (and perhaps terrifies) you…

Please join us. 

If you think it’s time to actually get the support you’ve been craving for years…

Please join us.

If there is a quiet voice in your head that says, “I wonder if this might be for me…”

Please join us. 

Thank you for TAKING ACTION on your life!


A short introduction of the Extreme Leadership Accelerator from the creator, Steve Farber:


Rachel Claret, MSM collaborates with individuals, teams, and organizations to increase positive social impact. Together, you'll take your biggest, wildest, most audacious vision, and bring it to life.

Rachel has been a fan of 50 Fun Things® since she first discovered it and says that each time she participates, she learns new distinctions. Most recently, she realized the power comes from imagining bigger than is initially comfortable. There are things that seem fun. But then... there are things that seem outrageously fun! And this is the practice of living a big, bold, beautiful life!  As a trained 50 Fun Things® Facilitator, Rachel is equipped to incorporate the proprietary tools with her private coaching clients, or in broadly in presentations where people can grow beyond their comfort zones and create magic!  Rachel coaches people to take their ideas and make them real.  


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