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For personalized support, book your Connection Concierge consultation with Teresa Thomas, founder of Win/Win Connects and creator of 50 Fun Things®. 

Use this time how you'd like to accelerate your joy and connection. Here are some ideas:

  • For those who could use assistance on their networking strategy: We'll uncover ways for you to be more effective and confident in your networking (tailored to your unique personal goals, profession and personality)
  • For individuals seeking more intentional joy and fulfillment: Receive accountability, ideas and support to invite more fulfillment into your life (personally and/or professionally) incorporating the 50 Fun Things® method
  • For networking group/event leaders: Guidance and advice on incorporating intentional networking into the experiences you offer
  • Or *pick Teresa's brain on anything you'd like related to joy and/or connection!


This is how it works:
Once your order is submitted, Teresa will reach out to schedule a consultation session with you.

Following your consultation, you will receive a customized report which Teresa will fill in with suggested ideas, resources, connections and/or action steps to move you forward on your goal.

Typical consultations are up to one hour of time together with a follow up report summarizing recommendations (resources, connections, ideas and/or action steps). If you find you'd like more time, we can discuss that and add it later or set up a monthly retainer.

Connection Concierge Consultation with Teresa Thomas

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