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The Power of 50 Fun Things interview

In this interview, Jeannie Kong-Evarts talks with 50 Fun Things® creator, Teresa Thomas about how 50 Fun Things got started and the power of setting intention for fun, fulfillment and connection through the guidance of 50 Fun Things®!

Jeannie Kong-Evarts lives -- and helps other people to live -- on the gorgeous island of Maui (Maui Real Estate Advisors LLC). Jeannie originally participated in 50 Fun Things on a Finding Your Fiji retreat. She then hired Teresa to facilitate a private online 50 Fun Things as a gift for a group of friends. Jeannie had such a good experience with 50 Fun Things that she asked to interview Teresa to help others learn the various ways they can benefit from 50 Fun Things®!

Teresa's umbrella brand Win Win Connects, connects people, possibilities and purpose through engaging programs, experiences and tools including 50 Fun Things. For inspiration on simple ways to add joy to your life, follow @50FunThings on Instagram or Facebook.

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