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Picking Up the Pieces After Change

We can become mosaic artists of our lives.

In 2020 a multitude of changes shook up the picture of everyday life. This year is promising to be equally transformational. We are tending to change in our own lives while guiding our clients through the changes in their lives.

Almost everyone I talk to feels some aspect of their world was shattered during the last year-and-a-half.

It's as if we are in the wake of aftershocks following a global earthquake. Many of the old ways of doing things feel like they fell from their places and broke into pieces.

A business coach I know frequently says, “Sometimes we need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.” (Attribution: Barbara Zuleger, Performance Partners Coaching. Barbara also happens to a 50 Fun Things alum!)

“Sometimes we need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.” - Barbara Zuleger, Performance Partners Coaching

This breakdown has been a wake up call to notice what matters most to us. Our breakthrough realizations include: Life is short and fragile. Things can change quickly. We are adaptable.

It’s time to transform change and add intentional fulfillment — not to minimize the importance of world events but to temper them, avoid a downward spiral of negativity and take charge of life on an individual level.

If we stop to think about it, life is a mosaic of pieces layered by the choices we make about how to spend our time, the priorities we set and the people we invite into our lives.

This is a time when more and more people are reexamining how they live, work and play.

They’re thinking through the rediscovery process for what’s next and how to be more intentional.

It’s so beneficial to take the time to identify areas you might want to change (and which areas you wish to bring back or retain).

Keep in mind, that sometimes when we’re going through change, we think we need to have all the answers, or we want immediate results. Know that it’s OK to start small. Be gentle by reminding yourself that lasting change can take time. The little actions do matter and can lead to something greater.

Our lives are like a mosaic. We can be intentional about how we arrange the pieces.

Mosaic building is a deliberate, mindful discovery process that is typically slower than we are accustomed. Mosaics are made up many pieces (most often imperfect and broken), carefully selected and arranged into a uniquely beautiful form. In mosaic creation, we sift through each piece and determine if and where it fits. It encourages us to be proactive in what we are creating. If you relate to the mosaic analogy, here are some things you can do as you sort, sift, pick up and rearrange the pieces of your life:

  • First, notice which parts of your life stand out as most important and beautiful. These are your priorities. Make space to feature those pieces in your life mosaic.

  • Sort out what is no longer serving you or what feels painful. Determine whether you can let go of those pieces, set them aside to revisit later, or if you need help transforming them into something that fits better into the overall picture (this is where having a great coach is instrumental).

  • Incorporate curiosity as you play around with possible arrangements. See what strikes you.

  • Don’t “glue” anything down just yet. Consider the arrangement by stepping back to pause and reflect. Make adjustments to see how that shifts the overall image you have about yourself.

  • When you see areas of your life mosaic coming together that feel great, tell others. See how it feels to share your thoughts. Notice the power in sharing your intentions.

  • Start gluing down (making a commitment) to the areas that most matter to you.

  • Add more ideas and details as you are inspired.

  • Enjoy the process as your “life mosaic” evolves and grows!

There will always be more changes ahead. Some of those changes may break parts of what we’ve known. Let’s be deliberate in how we pick up the pieces.

When you pay attention to the beautiful pieces of your life, there are no limits to where they can take you.

When you pay attention to the beautiful pieces of your life, there are no limits to where they can take you.

This article was featured in Business Coaching magazine, October 2021. The topic for this issue is Change. Read the full online magazine here:

Change and fun go together for Teresa Thomas, an award-winning connector, presenter, networking expert and author. Teresa is on a mission to ignite intentional, connected and joy-filled living. She created the 50 Fun Things® experiences, books, and charts as a way for people to look at how they can add fun and fulfillment as integral pieces in their lives, leveraging joy on a personal and professional level. Teresa is currently developing a “train the trainer” program to certify life and business coaches, therapists, and other wellbeing specialists to use the 50 Fun Things® tools with their clientele.

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