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Intentionally Incorporating Joy into Day-to-Day Life

By Teresa Thomas, Creator of 50 Fun Things

50 Fun Things® workshop in Tuscan courtyard

Imagine this:

  • Your mind has ample chances to rest.

  • Sights and sounds awakens your senses.

  • Delightful connections with dynamic people.

  • Experiencing "just being" without judgement.

  • Stretching your body and mind with gentle yoga and meditation.

  • Taking in vistas and history.

  • Appreciating ancientness along with modern amenities.

  • Each bite and sip is prepared and served with love.

  • Being surrounded by unfathomable beauty.

  • Inspiration abounds.

  • Soaking in moments and capturing delicious memories.

  • The melody of another language caressing your ears.

  • Complete nourishment and deep self-care.

  • Feeling a vast sense of interconnectedness.

  • Opening up a more expansive way of thinking.

We don't have to only imagine.

We can find ways to incorporate many of these joys into our lives when we are intentional.

Everything on this list represents what I experienced on the retreats in Italy with Radiant Jane Retreats. Each of these things are available to me when I seek them. I packed this new way of thinking and looking at the world to bring home with me into my everyday life.

When I participated in my first retreat to Tuscany, it seemed unimaginable and I could barely contain my excitement to be included on what I thought would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Little did I know, this was just the beginning. The second time, I settled in more deeply with a sense of appreciation. The third time, it felt like visiting good friends, returning to familiar faces, sites and sounds. I was able to be fully present without caring so much about capturing every detail in photos and words but letting the experience seep into my way of being. In going through the stages of excitement, then appreciation and presence, I learned so much about how to take these experiences and lessons back with me into my day to day life, wherever I am. 

Even if you can't come to the next retreat with me, bask in the state of imagining and see which of the things on the list you can incorporate into your life right now. Practice feeling excitement, appreciation and being fully present in your day-to-day life.

Loving Kindness Retreat in Tuscany, Italy October 4-10 2020. Join me as I return to facilitate 50 Fun Things® for participants as part of this nourishing and beautiful retreat. Curious and want to know more? I'll be happy to share more about what it is like and to answer your questions.

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