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Exponential Thinking through 50 Fun Things

By Sheri Bennefeld, 50 Fun Things Alumna

Has thinking in terms of 50 Fun Things become an obsession? Perhaps. But a healthy one at that.

After a one-to-one 50 Fun Things consultation with Teresa Thomas and diving into my 50 Fun Things workbook, I have shifted my fun gears into overdrive.

I've been treating myself to simple joys that I fully appreciate with renewed perspective. For instance, I bought a collapsible travel cup that makes me smile whenever I use it. At the State Fair, I picked up a bag by an adventure-inspired local and woman-owned company, Urban Undercover that also serves as a great conversation starter. I gifted myself a bullet journal and creative supplies which is something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. The total cost of these things was minimal but the value of the joy I've been experiencing has been exponential.

Bullet journal with 50 Fun Things
Some of the many ways Sheri is thinking in terms of 50 Fun Things!

My bullet journal is a place where I've been containing the explosion of ideas 50 Fun Things has opened up for me with new thinking. I'm now thinking in terms of "50 Fun..." for so many aspects of my life. I've used it to think about places I'd like to travel, consider living (I'd love to become a snowbird!) and even what I'd most like to offer in rolling out services as a VA (Virtual Assistant). I'm delighted I experienced the one-to-one 50 Fun Things consultation and I have a thirst for more. I've taken the next step to sign up for a 50 Fun Things workshop to be further inspired by connecting with others through 50 Fun Things. I can't wait to see what else comes up!

Sheri Bennefeld is the Founder of Way Beyond Ordinary, providing support and resources to go way beyond what you thought possible. Are you or someone you know looking to hire a virtual assistant? Check out Sheri's list of 50 Fun Things she can do for you and contact her at

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