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Dancing in Paradise: Saying "Yes" to What I Really Want

Written by 50 Fun Things Alumna, Beth Giles

The Power of Speaking Your Wish Out Loud

I'm already taking action on some things that felt really big on my 50 Fun Things chart! It was just a few months ago when I participated in the 50 Fun Things workshop. We were encouraged to think big about what we really want. I thought about how I'd love to teach Nia in an exotic place. I also about how I've always wanted to visit Hawaii.

I'm beyond excited to announce that these two big dreams are coming together.

I'll be teaching two special Nia classes as a part of Kim Julen's "Vitally You Retreat" this coming November in Maui, Hawaii!  This is a testament to speaking your wish out loud to the world to make your dreams come to fruition. Well, I'm here to say, at holiday time I gathered the courage to speak my wish out loud. "I want to dance and teach Nia in a tropical place this year."  Around that time Teresa Thomas shared that she would be offering her 50FunThings workshop at this retreat. So I spoke my wish out loud and contacted Kim about being a part of the retreat. And now here we are today, dream coming true!

I wanted this wish for my own personal and professional growth. And to treat myself to an amazing vacation in a beautiful place I've never traveled to before. And to be honest, at times I feel a little scared about my wish coming true. I've read many articles about doing the things that scare you.

Teaching Nia in a faraway place, a powerful, magical place, both scares and attracts me at the same time. What dreams do you have that both scare and attract you?  Follow those, they are the ones that are meant for you. 

I know that this retreat experience will be life-changing. Kim is a gifted Feng Shui Intuitive Coach and she has helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better through Feng Shui, energetic shifts and spirit guidance. 

Beth Giles

Is a trip to Hawaii or a nourishing retreat one of your dreams? This retreat has just recently been announced but is already filling. Click on the link below for more information about the gorgeous Wailea Inn where we'll be staying, all the activities, meals, lodging and transportation to and from the airport is included in the retreat fee. I'll also be offering private Nia Move and Rejuvenate sessions during the retreat for those interested in going deeper with Nia. 

The ocean view from our villa!

The photos of Maui above call to me--to dance, to move with the island vibration, to soar with the clouds and flow with the waves. It's my dream that we'll dance on the lawn overlooking the beach and on the beach itself. Dreams can come true when you speak them out loud to others. Do the thing that scares you.  

I hope you'll dance with me in Maui this year!  Beth Giles, Nia with Beth Here is a preview of details:

Vitally YOU Retreat on Maui November 9-15, 2019

Maui is a magical & powerfully potent place to revitalize, relax & raise your vibration. When you join us for the 2019 Vitally You Retreat in Maui, Hawaii you will:

  • Become more VITALLY YOU

  • Discover the meaning of Aloha & how to live it

  • Open up to dream again & add more FUN into life & work

  • Release resistance & limiting beliefs to live the life you want

  • Be surrounded by angels & connect deeply to your guides

  • Explore & enjoy the paradise that is Maui

  • Relax, rejuvenate and raise your vibration

Retreat Dates: November 9th (beginning at 4pm with check in) through November 15th (ending at 11am with check out) 

Read about all the great adventures, learning, playing and relaxation that you'll receive at the retreat.

If you have questions please contact

See you on the dance floor, next to the ocean!

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