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Connecting with Your Inner Guidance through Joy

Orbs kept showing up in our photos and videos in Maui. This one seemed to be my inner light/guidance wanting to express itself!

The hardest part about writing this particular blog post is narrowing down my flow of positive thoughts. It's a wonderful "problem" to have! I'm writing this post from Maui where I am attending the Vitally You Retreat and facilitating 50 Fun Things. When you give yourself time for thought by slowing down and being present, your inner guidance systems take over. 

Here are a few things I am learning from Kim Julen, our retreat leader about tapping into our inner guidance systems (like a GPS that comes from within us).

Inner guidance feels like:

  • It always lifts you up

  • It feels confident and good

  • It feels like "truth bumps"

Kim also shared that our inner guidance leaves "joy crumbs" with clues for us to follow to be on a path that serves us well. For me, I've also noticed that when I really listen to my inner guidance, it feels calm and assuring vs questioning and over-analyzing. There is a sense of trust, faith and being in the flow of life.

We need to take more time in our lives to pause and listen to our inner guidance systems.

Make that time intentional, even if it's not a retreat. It may be simply getting quiet, being present and tuning in to your thoughts. Guided meditation can help with this. *Or if you are looking for a meaningful get-away for reflection and rejuvenation, join me when I facilitate 50 Fun Things in Tuscany or Brazil!

Our retreat leader, Kim Julen of Finding Your Fiji did an exceptional job organizing a meaningful and memorable experience for participants. I had the pleasure of facilitating 50 Fun Things workshop and closure activity for the retreat. Click here to check out the next retreats offered through Finding Your Fiji.

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