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Changing the Language of Your Fears

By Lisa Carmichael, 50 Fun Things Alum

50 Fun Things is about opening up our lives for joy and fulfillment. But what comes up when we think about making a shift, trying something new or expanding ourselves? Fears of "what if" often arise.

Here’s my twist on 50 Fun Things.

Be aware with your fear.

What is fear made up of?

Pain, challenge, heartbreak, and loss are inevitable parts of life. It's what makes

being a human on this earth a courageous act in itself! We have no other option but to be courageous because there is no way to avoid challenging emotions. When we feel our pain, that’s when we experience the most personal growth.

The feelings of pain are actually just as powerful as the feelings of love, joy, and

happiness when recognized as another way to experience awareness.

By changing your relationship with your own pain, you are also healing. Pain is

an inevitable part of life and yet we want to ignore our pain. We want it to go


Awareness is like a laser beam. If you focus your awareness on a sensation of

physical, mental, or emotional pain you are essentially pointing a laser beam of

light into that contracted matter. This light of your awareness begins to create

change at the point of contraction -- just as if a strong laser beam were to burn a

hole into the object of its focus. You can harness your power when you dive into

your pain points and bring light to them.

Fear is simple. Fear is the language we feed ourselves. We experience fear

because of what we tell ourselves. Everything we experience exists because of

the words we tell ourselves. The way we experience the world is created from

the language we give ourselves.

We are in control of how we exist in life by the words we tell ourselves. If we tell

ourselves we are experiencing positive energy, our body will feel the excitement.

The words we choose to tell ourselves create how we feel.

If we can change the language we use with ourselves, imagine its impact. Our past

only exists in language. What happened happened. But how we perceive what

happened and the story we make up is in our mind. It comes from the words that

we speak to ourselves. Where do we have power and control of how we

experience life? Our power comes from the words we say to ourselves.

We are the creator of the language we give to ourselves. If we say we’re a

failure, we create that reality. If you don’t get an end result in what we desire, the

experience is entirely dependent on the language we tell ourselves. We are

100% in control of our language.

That is one of the most powerful things you can tell yourself in your personal life

or your business.

It may seem counter-intuitive to look so closely at our pain. However, if you can pay

attention to the words you say to yourself, it can transform your life with results.

It will bring you peace of mind and clarity in your relationships.

Think about something you are frustrated with or feeling fear or doubt around.

Change the language you are speaking to yourself. Now, write out ways (maybe even 50!)

this situation is supporting you to discover love, expansion, and growth in your life. For example:

I failed at X but I:

  • learned...

  • gained experience...

  • picked up skills in...

  • realized...

  • had the chance to meet...

  • received the opportunity to...

  • have a fresh perspective on...

  • discovered...

  • expanded myself in...

  • enjoyed...

  • became discerning about...

  • opened a door to...

Repeat this practice with all of your worries!

This practice will alchemize these fears hold so you can soften back into your

true power.

Lisa Carmichael, Epik Lifestyle

Lisa Carmichael is the Founder of Epik Lifestyle, working with people who are looking for balance in their lives... and becoming better by finding the success you deserve. Visit Lisa's website to receive your free report which reveals the 7 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing. Or contact her at

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