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Add Years to Your Life - By Having Fun with the Ones You Love

A mother and daughter at a 50 Fun Things workshop
A mother and daughter experiencing quality time together at a 50 Fun Things® workshop

February is known as the month of Love because of Valentine’s Day. And it’s new offshoot – Galentine’s Day! Why is Valentine’s so popular and so important? Because love and meaningful relationships are critical for our wellbeing.

When we feel connected, loved and cared for, everything else can fall more naturally into alignment. It's not only the amount of friends/family we have in our life, but the quality of those relationships that contributes to our well-being.

The Science Behind Relationships

Science proves that people in committed relationships live longer. They are happier and live more fulfilling lives. Those relationships don’t have to just be romantic in nature. Having strong relationships with friends and family have tremendous health benefits as well.

Researchers are reporting that “social isolation is the new smoking” in terms of risk factors for disease. We’re finding that with the surge of social media and virtual relationships, that the rates of “perceived social isolation” is also on the rise. Social media gives the appearance of connecting us but it is in a shallower way in which we are losing out on the deeper interpersonal and meaningful side of connection.

UCLA did a study on loneliness in our culture and its effects on disease, death and quality of life. You can see from these stats, loneliness can also change us on a cellular level.

Quick stats:

  • One in every two people reported sometimes or always feeling lonely

  • Two in five "sometimes" or "always" feel that their relationships are not meaningful

  • One in five "rarely" or "never" feel close to people

  • Lack of social relationships is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality. This lack of connection impacts and increases our risks for:

  1. high blood pressure, and heart disease

  2. depression

  3. insomnia

Preventative medicine can start with healthy, vibrant and meaningful relationships.

What it all boils down to is the fact that we know and science knows that there is no replacement for human to human connection and the quality of our relationships with those around us. 

Let’s get this year off on the right foot and spark more joy in your relationships with other and yourself. We are proud to be hosting a special edition of 50 Fun Things® a workshop that will have you and your loved one(s) creating a list of 50 things that will spark joy in your lives. Activities you’ll enjoy together, or alone if self-care is what you need.

Join us right here at the Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center on Saturday, February 15th from 10am-1pm. Register right here at:

PS from Teresa at 50 Fun Things on ways to use this session: We see couples use the 50 Fun Things format to create a year of date nights, to plan travel, to share the little things that mean so much to each other. Family members use it to create memorable adventures together and discover ways to support each other in their unique interests. We've had singles use the workshop to gain ideas for what to include in their dating profile and to imagine the most desirable qualities they'd like to attract in a romantic relationship. Busy professionals have used the workshop to re-prioritize their connections so their lives are more balanced between work and nurturing relationships. Many friends have participated together to encourage each other and have an accountability partner for their hopes and dreams.

You’ll leave this workshop inspired to be a better friend, a better partner, or a better

connected family. Because you will recognize the true need for fun in your life and

how having fun together can had years to your life, and life to your years.

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