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50 Magical Things Experienced on Retreat

In early November 2019, I had the incredible experience of being invited to facilitate 50 Fun Things® for the Vitally You Retreat in Maui. My role at retreats is to help connect attendees with each other and to have a positive frame of mind for their experience together (and to equip them for taking what they've experienced back to their lives). The group was wonderful and each person brought great energy and perspective to the group. Over the week, we compiled sticky notes with the magic and miracles we were experiencing throughout the week. On the final evening, I led a special 50 Fun Things® wrap up session to review the highlights from the week. The list below is the compilation generalized so that anyone who wasn't at the retreat can still benefit by being inspired to invite these types of things into their lives. (You can see a photo of the complete chart at the bottom of the blog.)

FUN (Joys to Continue or Bring Back)

  • Listening to birdsong

  • Laying on the ground and looking up into the trees

  • Simple joy of fruit-infused "spa" water

  • Laughing to the point of tears

  • Seeing the full moon rise and set

  • Appreciating sunsets

  • Conversations that feel healing

Thoughts (ways of thinking)

  • Moving past fears and feeling peace Being still and inviting nature to come to you Learning Tapping technique to release negative emotions

  • Welcoming change into life

  • Witnessing the power of our bodies to heal

  • Connecting to spirit through nature

  • Being open

Happiness (what lights us up)

  • Delightful connections with animals

  • Power of intention (seeing that things on our 50 Fun Things® charts are already happening!)

  • Seeing orbs show up in our photos and videos

  • Laughter and tears = big sense of release

  • Feeling brave (e.g. paddleboarding on ocean)

  • Lush awe-inspiring beauty

  • Seeing waterfalls


  • Learning ways to process emotions

  • Feeling assured by the angel readings we received from our retreat leader, Kim Julen

  • Receiving clear signs and synchronicities

  • Enjoying moments of presence, solitude and relaxation

  • Retreat set the stage for intention and clarity

  • The joy of un-plugging

  • Shifting perspectives to see "negatives" in a positive light


  • Experiencing Hawaia'an culture and ceremonies

  • Snorkeling and seeing beautiful fish

  • Hula dancing at sunset

  • Seeing animals we've never seen before (sea turtles!) Releasing the flowers from our leis to the ocean

  • Trying new fruits and foods

  • Moving our bodies in new ways (hula, Nia, yoga)


  • When everyone comes together to help someone out

  • Beautiful souls sharing joy

  • Knowing we are safe

  • Feeling loved and supported

  • Grateful for the wisdom shared by retreat leaders and teachers

  • Noticing miracles

  • The divine energy of masculine and feminine power


  • Lomi Lomi massage

  • Healing properties of water

  • Breathwork

  • Feeling at home in our bodies through yoga

  • Eating nourishing foods with mindfulness and joy

  • Powerful experience of reflexology

  • Practicing meditation

I hope you find things on this list that inspire you. I am grateful to Kim Julen of Finding Your Fiji for inviting me to participate and facilitate at her positively life-changing retreat!

Are you planning an incredible event or retreat and looking for a fun, transformative workshop or speaker to leave you attendees feeling empowered and excited? Here's how to contact me about bringing 50 Fun Things to your next event!

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