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50 Healthy Distractions You Can Start Today

Written by 50 Fun Things Alum, Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

Distracted enough? I thought so.

Seriously. With the onslaught of information, links, videos, emails, text messages, and everyone competing for our attention, we’re lucky if we can get through our to-do lists each day.

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like our lives just keep getting busier. And how do we know which of our distractions are adding to our happiness or draining our energy tank?

Simple. We start paying attention to what we pay attention to. And based on how our choices are manifesting in our experiences, we can choose again.

Part of creating healthy habits is being willing to try new things. For me, this included participating in a fantastic 50 Fun Things workshop. Teresa Thomas started 50 Fun Things to help people brainstorm joyful ways to restore fun, spontaneity and connection in their lives.

In the spirit of 50 Fun Things, click to check out the full article with the list I made of 50 healthy distractions you can use to rekindle your spark and shift your positive momentum. Notice which of them jump out at you first and try them out!

"Bald Men Don't Use Hairspray" by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Teresa "starstruck" at Michael's book signing a few years ago. LOL (Another tenet of 50 Fun Things is to not take yourself too seriously!)

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is a career coach, best-selling author, and founder of The White Box Club™—live coaching and resources for people in career transition. Find his syndicated blogs on Thrive Global, Medium, and The Huffington Post. Learn more at

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