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50 Fun Ways to Support 50 Fun Things®

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to ask for support in this mission of fostering connection to joy and fulfillment. I've been hesitant to share as I know so many are suffering at this time. I'm grateful for your reminders of the importance of this work and that it's okay to ask for help. In response and true to the 50 Fun Things spirit, I've brainstormed 50 ways you can help support 50 Fun Things® for connecting people to joy and each other to help us through these trying times: This is a draft. I've included a variety of ways to support that include non-monetary. Many of these ideas are ones you can use to support others in your life, too. I will be editing, re-arranging it and adding links but have been nudged to not wait to share this list. Please take a look and see if there are any ideas that speak to you:

  1. Purchase the Enjoy the Small Things books or other 50 Fun Things® tools from These make great gifts.

  2. If you would like to keep track of your favorite ideas on a 50 Fun Things® chart, you may download it here (just $5, print as many as you would like for your personal use).

  3. Sponsor a 50 Fun Things Happier Hour.

  4. Some people have asked how they can straight out offer cash to support this work. To contribute financially, you may use Venmo to @Teresa-Thomas-36 or Paypal to I also just set up a CashApp account: $TeresaThomas50 (if you are interested in using CashApp, too they have a referral program where I would earn $5 if you sign up because of an invitation from me). Any amount is greatly appreciated.

  5. When you register for a WIN or 50 Fun Things free online event through Eventbrite, there are optional ticket levels to purchase a "Virtual coffee" or a virtual “tall drink of appreciation” in any amount of your choosing.

  6. Hire me to facilitate a virtual session for your celebration, milestone or team appreciation.

  7. Hire for future in-person events and gigs.

  8. Recommend me to event planners for when they restart (My topics of customized 50 Fun Things sessions and Speed Networking make a perfect backup breakout session. I'm also finding ways to add value pre and post-events with virtual sessions to cement learning and connections.)

  9. Purchase a 50 Fun Things gift certificate for someone. They can use it toward books or tools in the 50 Fun Things shop or for a session.

  10. I can mail book(s) for you with a customized note. My books are Enjoy the Small Things and Win/Win Networking. Let me know the addresses to send and what you would like me to write. (Ideas: Graduation, Birthdays, Appreciation, Thinking of You/Encouragement)

  11. Participate in an online workshop.

  12. Write a blog post for 50 Fun Things.

  13. Send a gift card (e.g. grocery store, coffee shop)

  14. Invite me on your podcast or interview to share insights or stories from 50 Fun Things or to share networking tips.

  15. Sign up to travel with me on a future retreat or trip where I will be facilitating 50 Fun Things (One of my roles is to help market the trips. Referrals help me to get invited to do more!)

  16. Order 50 Fun Things books or products for your team or book club.

  17. Order and write an Amazon or Goodreads review for my book, Win/Win Networking: Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Networking.

  18. Write a Facebook or Google review about your positive experience with MN Women in Networking (WIN).

  19. Write a Facebook review for 50 Fun Things or about me as a Presenter.

  20. Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for my work.

  21. Send me a video testimonial or photo of you holding the book and your testimonial for my new book, 50 Fun Things: Enjoy the Small Things

  22. Share 50 Fun Things: Enjoy the Small Things with your book club.

  23. Register in advance for WIN online or in-person events.

  24. Like and follow WIN or 50 Fun Things or me on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

  25. Send me words of encouragement (email, LinkedIn message, handwritten note)

  26. Recommend me for a news story on maintaining hope with 50 Fun Things and my new little book, Enjoy the Small Things.

  27. Let me know if you would be interested in a virtual workshop or program on 50 Fun Things for How You'd Like Your Life to Be Post-Pandemic.

  28. Help me in writing some blogs for which I have content or you provide content that supports the intention of 50 Fun Things to foster joy and connection.

  29. Share your 50 Fun Things success story that I can include as a case study, on the blog and/or in a future book.

  30. Help me write up some social media posts to keep people hopeful.

  31. Create branded Canva images for 50 Fun Things or my networking tips.

  32. Help me create a speaking reel with a video montage clips I have

  33. Collectively contribute your ideas for 50 fun things charts that people can use

  34. Invite me for a book tour in the summer even if it’s not till summer 2021 at your brewery or cool destinations across the country.

  35. I could use a webcam for my PC for online sessions. The one on my laptop doesn't work. I've been using my phone which is not ideal but works for now. Thank you to Jeannette Grace and Rick for gifting me a webcam!

  36. Pay it FUNward for someone who could use a 50 Fun Things experience or tools. I’ll reach out and keep your gift anonymous.

  37. Sponsor a MeetUp group for 50 Fun Things (cover the monthly expense) or help me figure out the best platform for hosting a 50 Fun Things Club.

  38. Provide input on what you'd like to see included if we were to have a 50 Fun Things Club.

  39. Hire me for a private consultation to help you with your networking strategy and/or order my Win/Win Networking book to be intentional with your networking online (and in-person when we can socialize in-person again).

  40. Share social media pages, events and updates from 50 Fun Things and WIN (MN Women in Networking).

  41. Sponsor Zoom for one month or one year for online sessions.

  42. Register to attend online or in-person events.

  43. Show up when you RSVP or be in touch if you can’t make it for free events.

  44. Assist me in compiling research that supports the power of joy to contribute to our physical and mental health, wellbeing, success, engagement, connection, etc.

  45. Help spread word around the world to participate. It is especially fun when you share the online offerings with people outside of the Twin Cities and helps me achieve the intention of increasing impact globally.

  46. Pay for someone else to attend an event(s).

  47. Invest in your Executive Presence with this robust online program by Polly Meyer, The Art and Science of Executive Presence. It is amazing and includes what I would want to have in an online program for networking. Polly has been kind to offer me a commission for any programs that get purchased through my referral link which has the TT discount code embedded to save you $20.

  48. Let me know if non-financial ways I can provide cross-support or collaboration with you that align with my purpose and skills. (For example if you have an affiliate link for something that supports the mission of fostering joy and connection.

  49. Help me think of a good or fun way to give a shout out for everyone who contributes.

  50. Be even more you and do good in the world!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, take good care and enjoy the small things in life,

Teresa Thomas

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