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50 Fun Things to Make Our Homes a Haven

While we are sheltering in place, I've been trying out ways to foster social connection, idea-sharing, joy and hope online. On March 31, the following lists of Fun Things to Make Our Homes a Haven came from ideas generated in a Facebook Live I facilitated.

The first list is provided by 50 Fun Things alumna, Kristin Campbell of Organized Homes and Staging by Kristin, LLC (Thanks to Kristin for helping me on this blog post!) The second list is compiled from participants in the Facebook Live.

Ideas to Make Your Home Your Haven by Kristin Campbell, Organized Homes and Staging by Kristin (and 50 Fun Things alumna)

Your home is your personal sanctuary; the place where you live and probably spend a good deal of time; especially now. In my opinion, your home should be a haven where you can completely relax and decompress from this hectic thing, called LIFE, we are all living. If your home is not comfortable to you, I have a hard time believing a person can easily find a sense of peace and restfulness. Any dwelling can become a home. I personally feel that a house, apartment, condo, etc. becomes a home based on what you surround yourself with. We all have a different idea of what is comfortable to us. Some need to have very little clutter; they don’t necessarily find objects to be sentimental and chose to fill their home with minimal items. And then there are those of us (myself included) that love stuff! I get very attached to things and feel happiest when surrounded by them. I can honestly say that almost every single item in my home has some value of sentiment attached to it.

Color can also make a big impact on how “havenly” your home feels to you. Do you feel most at peace with neutrals, or are you your happiest YOU in a bright and colorful space? Here are some ideas to start creating your own personal haven: ACTIONS: 1. De-clutter – it helps to create a sense of calm 2. Deep clean – who doesn’t love a clean house! 3. Organize – when your personal things are in order, your internal self will mirror that.

Ideas for making your home a haven by Organized Homes and Staging by Kristin, LLC
Look at all the ideas! Organized Homes & Staging by Kristin

DECOR: 4. Paint colors – try painting your home office or powder room a beautiful, bright or dramatic color 5. Fun decorative pillows for your furniture 6. Peel and Stick wallpaper or wall decals – create an accent wall; there are tons of styles out there 7. Meaningful artwork – collected from travels, created by kids or family members, etc. 8. Fun frames for your personal photos 9. Cute beds for our furry family members 10. Special coffee mugs that hold meaning for you 11. Scented candles 12. Books – work your favorite books into your décor 13. Greenery – live and faux plants add life to a space 14. Collections – display your special collections (mine are cat figurines and teddy bears) 15. Dresser knobs – switch out the stock knobs with a fun shape, color or pattern that speaks to you! 16. Bar carts – so many adorable styles out there, or repurpose an older cart by painting it 17. Light fixtures – unique and bold light fixtures are all the rage right now 18. Mirrors – mirrors can be functional and decorative; add pretty mirrors of all sizes into your wall décor or as part of gallery wall 19. Bright and colorful towels in your bathroom ORGANIZING TOOLS: 20. Cute, decorative baskets and boxes to store your “stuff” 21. Search Pinterest to make an adorable jewelry organizer that you can hang on your wall 22. Felted hangers for you closet – they come in a variety of colors 23. Organize your makeup – discard old or unused items and clean your brushes CREATE: 24. A cozy nook in your home where you can decompress, read, meditate, etc. 25. Do you like to craft, sew or paint – create a special area and set it up so that it is a place you want to spend time in 26. Are you a music lover – create your own area where you can sit and listen to your favorite music

More ideas! This second list is compiled from participants in the Facebook Live. I kept the names of the people who contributed the ideas to give them credit. I also kept the wording how they shared it on the Facebook Live to provide a feel for what it was like to be in the Facebook Live session:

Bake and enjoy the smells. and tastes. Or simmer a pot of water with clove, orange and cinnamon. Kristin Peterson Campbell If you love an item, it will work in your house! I am a big believer of decorating with things that are meaningful to you!

Kristin Peterson Campbell I've done home decor swaps in the past. One person hosts, and have your guests bring up to 5 things that are clean and in good condition. Everyone gets new things for their home for free!

Lisa Metwaly Love the clothing and accessory swap. That’s brilliant. Jane Reeves I would say make a Tuscany evening at home! Vino or another beverage of your choice, setting a nice table, pasta or an Italian salad and just slow eating, presence and being truly with your loved ones Kristin Peterson Campbell Fill your home with meaningful artwork from your special travels! Lisa Metwaly Turn all my hangers backwards so if I don’t wear them, I know to get rid of it. Nancy Johnson I did that, almost a year ago, it's really great to do! Lisa Metwaly Create beauty in every room. Kristin Peterson Campbell Now is a perfect time to de-clutter and organize. You'll feel an inner peace when things are in order! Serenity.

Lisa Metwaly Creating “homes” for things that don’t seem to have a home. Kristin Peterson Campbell Once you purge, you can organize your items into adorable storage organizers - baskets, boxes, etc.

Mary Kay Feltes Another basic. Do that tough project. Gather your tax paperwork, scan it, send it to your preparer. Lee Ann Erie Creating rituals of appreciation for yourself, friends, and family every day. Lisa Metwaly Making sure my “prime real estate” space is used accordingly. Nancy Johnson Just great conversations with my 22 year old. Mary Kay Feltes Here's a basic: Make the bed every day. Lisa Metwaly I transformed my closet into a pantry.

Leslie Volker I'm keeping fresh flowers on my counter all the time Susan Bye Auer Plants Kristin Peterson Campbell Big and bold light fixtures are all the rage right now! Kristin Peterson Campbell Cute pet beds for them in your home! Wendy Houser Blomseth I adopted a rescue cat and he livens up every room Denise Jensen Create a spa environment in your bathroom! Candles, bath salts, music, fluffy robe and towels. bring a glass of wine or your favorite book or magazine Kellie Sites [Themed areas] I love the train station idea! We have bleachers from the Brown's old stadium by our fire pit... bleacher seats are fun! Kristin Peterson Campbell Work your favorite books into your decor. Stack them and place a plant, cute vase, decor on them. Fabiana Mesquita Peterson It's just my husband and I at home, so we are making our dinners a "date" every night with Netflix or movie afterwards with ice cream or popcorn. I actually look forward to it. Kristin Peterson Campbell Paint color! Try a bright, bold, beautiful color in your home office or a powder room, or an accent wall in your bedroom.

Sheri Bennefeld Cooking together. Turn off the TV and put on the music. Susan Bye Auer Another idea - bring in laughter

Kellie Sites We have sunglasses on our cactus cookie jar.

Nancy Johnson Everything is energy, so clearing unneeded things has given us more energy, and it feels good to look at a uncluttered home.

Kristin Peterson Campbell Special coffee mugs that hold meaning for you. Fabiana Mesquita Peterson Trying out the wines we've been keeping locked up to drink on special times Kristin Peterson Campbell Setting up a liquor cabinet in your home office for all of the virtual happy hours going on right now! There are a ton of cute bar carts out there or you can DIY or re-purpose something into one. Kristin Peterson Campbell Cute decorative pillows on furniture Lee Ann Erie Crock pot meals and home made soup!

Stefanie O'Keefe Fireplace and a book Kellie Sites Our music room is one of my favorite spaces... framing album covers makes it like the Rock and roll hall of fame. Susan Bye Auer Salt lamps - essential oils - healthy foods Kristin Peterson Campbell Aromatherapy - essential oil diffusers! Kellie Sites [Maple syruping] You would love boiling down sap Hours on the deck! Mary Kay Feltes Chocolate in the cupboard. Sheri Bennefeld Fresh flowers

Lee Ann Erie Yes fuzzy blankets, candles, and classical music! Sheri Bennefeld Open the windows! Even on a cool day. Stefanie O'Keefe In this house, the cat and dog are allowed on every couch and every bed!

Ways you can help support 50 Fun Things® for connecting people to joy and each other to help us through these trying times:

  • If you would like to keep track of your favorite ideas on a 50 Fun Things® chart, you may download it here (just $5, print as many as you would like for your personal use).

  • Purchase the Enjoy the Small Things books or other 50 Fun Things® tools from These make great gifts.

  • To contribute financially to my efforts, you may use Venmo to @Teresa-Thomas-36 or Paypal to

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to ask for support in this mission of fostering connection to joy and fulfillment. If you would like to see the original Facebook Live for this session, click here. The next Facebook Live session will be 50 Fun Things to Invite More Play Into Life. If you'd like to participate, pop onto the Facebook page for 50 Fun Things at 1pm CST on Tuesday, April 7.

Thank you, be well and enjoy the small things in life,

Teresa Thomas

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