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50 Fun Things® to Keep Our Bodies Happy While Social Distancing

While we are sheltering at home, let's stay connected, find the joys and hope together.

The first 50 Fun Things special session through Facebook Live generated tons of fun ideas for things to do when cooped up inside. This Facebook Live online was a special version of 50 Fun Things® to Keep Our Bodies Happy (click here to view the original Live) on March 20, 2020. I guided a communal group-think process to generate at least 50 that are compiled into the list below to help keep our bodies happy and healthy.

If you would like to keep track of your favorite ideas on a 50 Fun Things® chart, you may download it here (just $5, print as many as you would like). I kept the names of the people who contributed the ideas to give them credit. I also kept the wording how they shared it on the Facebook Live to provide a feel for what it was like to be in the Facebook Live session.

Mary Kay Feltes One thing I do to keep my body happy: I go for a walk every day-well, not yesterday, in the rain. But I like to notice the birdsong and I try to see the birds. But look UP! Notice the clouds and the sky. Look at the trees budding. It's lovely.

Lisa Metwaly Hula hoop!

Camille Sowle Hello! Camille here in Champlin MN. I am a 50 Fun Things Vet at this point! I have attended 50 Fun Things workshops 4+ times and even facilitated my own 50 Fun Things with a focus on Fitness! Do workouts on YouTube. Here is one of mine: At Home Glutes, Hams, and Abs | Mind Body & Sowle:

Sarah Routman Yes - free laughter yoga call every Monday and Facebook Live every day:

Mary Kay Feltes {Savor foods in poetic ways] You reminded me of a piece by MKF Fisher. She put tangerine sections on a radiator. Here's a commentary. It's fun to revisit an author that you once loved.

Mary Kay Feltes [Allow tears to cleanse] Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.

Lisa Metwaly [Get exercise, fresh air and the good feeling of helping through yard work] Volunteer to help someone else with their yard clean up

Lisa Metwaly Work in the garden- get your hands in the dirt.

Lisa Metwaly [Virtual or in your living room private] Dance party!

Lisa Metwaly Learn how to belly dance [online classes available from Expertease Fitness]

Mary Kay Feltes Years ago I remember reading a piece that said "Look up!" Because the physical act of looking up also lifts the hearts and minds. Try it!

Jan Schulz Open the windows a little (on mild days) for a while to let fresh air into the house.

Camille Sowle Dog park (even if you don't have a doggo)

Camille Sowle Roller blading

Camille Sowle Frisbee golf is one of my favorite outdoor activities

Lisa Metwaly Google breathe exercises and tapping, bouncing

Lisa Metwaly Make your own hummus- super easy. Blender works great to get it smooth.

Sarah Routman Make your kitchen into a restaurant and create a fun menu

Lisa Metwaly Google fancy restaurant menus to get inspired for ideas what to make

Sarah Routman candlelight dinner with music

Jan Schulz Pretending we're eating out at a restaurant. Nice setting, good dinner and a glass of wine.

Mary Kay Feltes Do a few sun salutations. [Do your favorite yoga poses.]

Lisa Metwaly Foot soak - reflexology- rub your feet. Hands too.

Lisa Metwaly Make your own veggie burgers and power bars

Barbara Zuleger 9:00am Virtual Coffee Break. Every week day [Take breaks.]

Barbara Zuleger Sugar and flour free blueberry, banana, oatmeal pancakes. They love my body all day long

Sarah Routman I do those as bars rather than pancakes. I'll have to try pancakes.

Play with a new way to wear your hair

Jan Schulz Read under a weighted blanket or special quilt. Feels good to me.

Jan Schulz Dance with your grandkids on FaceTime

Barbara Zuleger While you're in that closet, put on the things that make you feel great. Dress up for yourself!

Camille Sowle I just posted a video I filmed for an at home leg day!

Jan Schulz Making and drinking infused water

Sarah Routman Make fun water by adding fruits or cucumber!

Camille Sowle Drink more water by using different cups and glasses than usual

Sarah Routman Do a natural facial [with ingredients from your kitchen] Jan Schulz Cook new and exciting recipes for dinner

Jan Schulz Take naps

Sarah Routman Dr. William Frye said 'Laughter is like jogging on the inside' I love laughing - it feels like every organ in my body has had a full on massage.

Cook creative and healthy - ask others for recipes

Camille Sowle Air fryer is perfect for experimenting with food [Camille was inspired by a 50 Fun Things workshop to create an air fryer cookbook! Read about it here.]

Jan Schulz Soaking in a bath with Epsom salt and lavender oil

Camille Sowle Epson Salt Bath or DIY bath bombs

DIY Sugar scrub

Jan Schulz Walk outside every day at different places. Like local or state parks.

Camille Sowle Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube

Sarah Routman [Get ideas from other people to keep you motivated.] I have done 2 of these virtual 50 Fun Things Facebook Live sessions [and an in-person 50 Fun Things workshop]- love this!

Camille Sowle Foam rolling!

Jan Schulz Classical Stretch Class on PBS.

And here are some ideas I generated (some are similar to what the group came up with):

  • Sleep well. Try out an evening ritual such as a warm bath and herbal tea (and if you wake up early from anxiousness, practice counted breathing to help you return to sleep)

  • Take breaks, change things up. Don't keep doing the same thing all day, every day. For example, if you are online a lot, switch to reading a book or magazine or get outside to breathe fresh air.

  • Online exercise, yoga or dance classes to move your body. My favorite is dancing Nia with Beth Giles.

  • Wear clothes that aren't constricting. Sheltering at home is a perfect time to let yourself go braless or barefoot when you can.

  • Make a donate pile of clothes that don’t make your body feel good

  • Try new healthy foods

  • Eat lots of bright fruits and veggies

  • Tell your body what you love about it ("Hey cute earlobes, here are some pretty earrings for you!")

  • Follow some daily routines to avoid wanting to just sleep

  • Mindful eating (observe and notice your food, eat slowly, savor every bite, express gratitude for the food)

  • Try new healthy flavor combos

  • Limit alcohol to mostly social drinking (e.g. a virtual happy hour with friends) or enjoy fun non-alcoholic beverages and make them fancier by adding bubbles or fruit.

  • Share healthy recipes with each other

  • FaceTime with others while you cook, sing or dance together

  • Homemade and home-baked versus processed foods

  • Breathe fresh air and get outside every day if possible

  • "Retroxize!" (dig out old Jane Fonda on Jazzercise VHS tapes)

  • Pull your weights and yoga mat out of storage and put them to use

  • Really do those exercises that your physical therapist wants do you do

  • Practice drinking enough water

  • Vitamin D sun

Ways you can help support 50 Fun Things for connecting people to joy and each other to help us through these trying times:

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to ask for support in this mission of fostering connection to joy and fulfillment. If you would like to see the original Facebook Live for this session, click here. The next Facebook Live session will be 50 Fun Things to Make Your Home a Haven. If you'd like to participate, pop onto the Facebook page for 50 Fun Things at 1pm CST on Tuesday, March 31st. Thank you, be well and enjoy the small things in life, Teresa Thomas

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