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50 Fun Things that 50 Fun Things Can Do for Individuals and Teams

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I had fun digging in to the reasons people share about what they gain from 50 Fun Things®. I broke the responses down into a list of 50 — of course!

Which reasons resonate for you?

1. Overall well-being and fulfillment

2. Become more interesting

3. …enjoyable

4. …fun to be around

5. Gives you new things to talk about

6. Provides clarity on what you really want...

7. ...with added sense of direction

8. Helps you hone down what you don’t want to do

9. Habits are easier to form when they feel fun

10. Builds creative problem solving. When you ask yourself “how could I make this fun?” it opens up possibilities.

11. Noticing joys increases gratitude...

12. ...and increases being present in the moment

13. Makes work and life more fulfilling…

14. …and more in harmony

15. Brings fresh perspective

16. Energizes in a healthy way (without relying on stimulants)

17. Purposeful

18. Reminds us of…

19. …what’s important

20. Feel good Happiness chemicals (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphine) are released through fun

21. Wellness from overall well-being…

22. …(e.g. decrease sick days

23. …having something fun to look forward to reduces depression

24. …motivates you to get up in the morning

25. …reduces anxiety

26. Boosts morale

27. Team-building in a way that…

28. ….honors the individual

29. Increases intrinsic motivation

30. Refuels your team to get their purpose…

31. …aligned with your company goals by…

32. …seeing how their work, the team and company goals are connected

33. Opens up fresh and innovative thinking

34. Supports the pursuit of…

35. … happiness for staff and…

36. …demonstrates a sense of care

37. Fosters clarity, focus and motivation for best outcomes

38. Heightens personal and employee satisfaction

39. …and increases engagement

40. Strengthens interpersonal relationships

41. Increases sense of belonging (e.g. to group, team and company)

42. Fun bonds humans

43. Gain vision optimism for career and personal development

44. Inspires hope to focus on what’s possible and going well

45. Pushes beyond comfort zone in a fun and engaging way

46. Confronts perceived limitations when try new things/new ways

47. Encourages alignment

48. Entertaining experience

49. It’s fun!

50. What reason would feel fun for you add to this list?

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