• Teresa Thomas

50 Fun Things for When You are Cooped Up at Home

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

50 Fun Things participants smiling in living room
Photo by Jim Nihart, 50 Fun Things Workshop at Fox Auer Hollow B&B

In our current state of physical distancing, I've been trying out ways to foster social connection, idea-sharing, joy and hope online. This community-created list was compiled from the ideas generated in the Facebook Live I facilitated on March 18, 2020. We generated way more than 50 fantastic ideas. Pick our your favorite 50 ideas and try them out. You may click here to download, format and use this customized chart to keep track of your favorite ideas. I kept the names of the people who contributed the ideas to give them credit. I also kept the wording how they shared it on the Facebook Live to provide a feel for what it was like to be in the Facebook Live session. Lisa Legge

Don’t know about you but I have a million greeting cards — time to start sending them out to fav folks — even ones nearby!

Michael Braudy

Declutter your files - it feels good to me

Jeannette Grace

Online book club

Lisa Metwaly

Color Laugh Healthy

I'm giving away a free page to color every day on my Laughter Doodles Facebook page! Lisa Metwaly Laughter yoga! Jennifer Gilbertson Radke Sarah Routman with Laugh Healthy is doing great laughter yoga videos on Facebook and has a free Monday call. CJ Tuttle Higginbotham Reach out to friends/family/business associates who have kids home from school and offer to do a 30 minute session with their kids over zoom - for example, I'm a graphic artist and I have friends who have kids in high school graphic arts programs, and I can give them a 30 minute lesson or even a small project to work on. Lisa Metwaly Write a 7 line poem. The last word of the first sentence becomes the first word of the second line and so on. Do it in less than 2 minutes. Do this with friends. Lisa Sinclair Participate in a Zoom dance class! Sheri Bennefeld Pull all the stuff out of your cupboards that never get used and force your self to get really creative with your cooking. There is a reason you bought in the first place. Polly Meyer [Read uplifting ideas, like the ones here.] I Love love love this! 50 Fun Things to Do When Cooped Up at Home Susan Murphy Take walks and let nature heal you. Lisa Metwaly Volunteer at a horse ranch - Majestic Hills in Elko, MN always needs people. Sheri Bennefeld Virtual Happy Hours - with friends and new friends. We could have a virtual cocktail party! Lisa Metwaly Put silk flowers in pots outside before flowers start to bloom. And here is a non-planned commercial break that happened during the Live: Barbara Moss Abramson [Teresa could write her] next book - 50 MORE Fun Things!

Kris Langworthy where do we get those!! [Thanks for asking! Click here to order.] CJ Higginbotham It's AMAZING! Jeannette Grace It's true! Those books make the perfect gifts!

Tara Gallagher It’s darling! I love mine. Lisa Legge Watch Jeopardy! on TV with your friends on the phone, Facebook messaging or texting and see who gets the answers first

Barbara Hill Osgood Go online and take the test to see if you can get on Jeopardy! Lisa Metwaly Find and plan for a retreat. [October 4-10, 50 Fun Things® will be back in Tuscany for the Radiant Jane Loving Kindness Retreat! Learn more here.] Jennifer Gilbertson Radke There is an idea: Blog. I don't usually spend time there. Lisa Sinclair [Practice being imperfect.] No perfection needed! Kris Langworthy Write a TED talk (Teresa: TED talk about the power of 50 fun things!) I can connect to you a TED talk coach!

Mary Laeger-Hagemeister

Thank you for doing this!! YES TED Talk!

Tara Gallagher Also check out HATCH. We have it in Montana. It's kind of like a TEDtalk in cross-pollinating ideas to hatch a better world.

Lisa Metwaly Draw on rocks “Kindness Rocks. You rock!”. Barbara Hill Osgood Design fabric to get made on Spoonflower Kris Langworthy 50 ways to do your makeup

Michael Braudy I man played Shakuhachi flute on a park bench today in Brooklyn and gave me a private concert at 6 feet of separation. Lisa Metwaly Learn something new on YouTube. Like where to hang a bat-house to keep mosquitoes away. Ruth Tongen Who have I met that I want to get to know? Send them an email. Michael Braudy I saw someone draw on a Zoom white board, something we could try Kris Langworthy [Create a list of] 50 people I want to reconnect with Lisa Metwaly Volunteer to pick up medicine, groceries or other stuff for people that are quarantined. Jeannette Grace 50 Fun Things from 50 Fun People - invite who you choose to highlight people who are fun and offer services others will use. Jennifer Gilbertson Radke Journal about this experience. Our families may find them interesting in the future Lisa Metwaly Write free flow ideas daily on how to spark joy and stay in gratitude. Lisa Sinclair What kinds of games could be played without a board on Zoom or the like? Kris Langworthy 50 fun things to nurture!!! Ann Spiczka Aubitz I would love to learn how to do my own podcast. Jennifer Gilbertson Radke That would be a great webinar topic for NISM to put out. Great idea. I have a couple of contacts if you ever want an introduction. Jeannette Grace 50 Fun Things to do to stay sane! Lisa Metwaly Create a flower bouquet and ask people to nominate someone to give it to. Ask for nominations in your city. Michael Braudy I just found out that Zoom has a Webinar mode that I think is unlimited, you can't see the participants there as in a meeting.. : - ) Jennifer Gilbertson Radke You may also want to look at belive to interview others through Facebook Live Ruth Tongen Play the compass game and go for a drive--draw a number 1-12 out of a hat and drive whatever that direction is on a clock. Can draw another number out for the number of miles. Make it a scavenger hunt with a list of things you have to find along the way. Ann Spiczka Aubitz I have had the time to do a couple of blogs for my new business, Kirkhouse Publishers. Barbara Hill Osgood ok.... need any QuickBooks help? maybe I need to do one of these [Facebook Lives to teach QB] Lisa Metwaly Make a video of yourself reading Kindness Travels Presents Penny Power. Then, send it to me to post and share with teachers across the country. Jeannette Grace Research and pan your next vacation. Kris Langworthy I love providing insights into your behavior and driving forces so that you better understand yourself and others....leading to more fun!!! Mary Laeger-Hagemeister Research another culture - - take time to learn about how other people live!! Another way to travel. Jeannette Grace The alumni association from my undergrad college is doing a "Pet Parade" on FB. Jennifer Gilbertson Radke USA Today put this list out a couple of days ago. Lisa Metwaly Learn a new recipe and ask others to join you to compare notes. Mary Laeger-Hagemeister Get outside and WALK!!!!! OR go for a drive - - change of scenery. Lisa Metwaly Check in with friends and ask how they’re doing and what they’re doing to spark joy. Michael Braudy Play violin for your friend's 6th year old daughter on Facetime - she loved it! Tara Gallagher Lots of free virtual tours of museums, zoos other public spaces Mary Laeger-Hagemeister Write thank you notes to first responders!!! Lisa Metwaly Make a video of you reading a book to share with friends who have kids. Lisa Metwaly Write random kind notes to people in the service industry. Elda Dorothy LOVE this idea!! They could really use this now!! Kris Langworthy Write thank you notes to healthcare providers Lisa Metwaly Visit a virtual museum with others. Martha Hill Hanley Re-pot plants, start seedlings indoors Jennifer Gilbertson Radke My 15 year old took that initiative himself yesterday and planted seedlings. Kris Langworthy Take a personality profile CJ Tuttle Higginbotham As you clean through your photos, send ones with friends and families in texts to share the love and a quick note Jeannette Grace We are doing a virtual happy hour with friends tonight via Google Hangout Tara Gallagher FaceTime or text/call old friends you haven’t talked to in awhile Elda Dorothy Read a book for fun. Too many times we have a huge pile of books to read and don't make time for it. NOW is the time! Jennifer Gilbertson Radke Write those overdue recommendations on LinkedIn or leave book/product reviews online Tara Gallagher Learn Tarot and practice readings Kris Langworthy Send jokes CJ Tuttle Higginbotham Clear out photos from your phone that are no longer necessary and mark any old ones that still make your smile or spark joy so they are favorites as reminders of good times Elda Dorothy Draw...just for the fun of it. Kris Langworthy

Pillow fight Jeannette Grace Send Teresa Thomas love, notes, flowers, etc. [Aw, thank you!] Connie Ungrue Do zoom chats with friends ...use WhatsApp video chat instead of just calling for face contact Ruth Tongen Take yourself on artist walks where you look at the art in nature. Find the most amazing natural wonder that you might walk by or drive by every day. Jennifer Gilbertson Radke Try and new recipe (with things you already have at home) Ann Spiczka Aubitz Making more calls to connect with people (friends, family, clients) Connie Ungrue Helping people learn about a home based business that I do to create a side income Jeannette Grace "Would you rather" questions. Barbara Moss Abramson Zoom call with friends! Jennifer Gilbertson Radke My son planted vegetable garden seeds Kris Langworthy Do group phone calls with girlfriends Tara Gallagher Set up a still life and draw or paint Elda Dorothy Get creative in the kitchen making things to eat with what we have (since the grocery store had limited supplies on our favorites) Lisa Sinclair Cook! Barbara Hill Osgood Learning how to play Layla on the piano - just the piano part Jeannette Grace Order the "If ..." book online and engage in conversation. Lisa Legge Actually call your fave relatives Michael Braudy Listen to Indian classical music or other meditative music... I may give my workshop online during this period Robyn Beth Priestley I started a facebook group for artist friends to share their work and resources - it's been really fun Tara Gallagher Take YouTube music lessons and learn your instrument better Sandy Hill Mayrand Having picnics Jennifer Vickerman Become a video chat reading buddy with one of the kids in your life (niece, nephew, God Children, close friends). Have them read you a book once each day or every other day. Connie Shank Hertz Get outside, bundle up & take a walk! Lots of nature happening out there! I wrote my blog about this to be released on my site this Saturday. Finding Joy In This Upside Down world!