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50 Clarifying Questions to Connect with Your Joy

Are you missing some of your joy? Do you know how to create joy for others but forgot what it feels like for yourself? Has it taken a backburner and you are ready to bring it forward? Use the following questions as clues to find where joy may be hiding and waiting to be rediscovered.

Joy is instrumental to our wellbeing, resilience, fulfillment and sense of connection. It fuels us while providing guidance for what we most want our lives to feel. However, when we most need it, we sometimes we forget what feels joyful.

Here are some clarifying questions (50!) to help you uncover clues as to what brings you joy. Let these questions percolate. See which speak to you and notice what comes up for you:

  1. What role models do you admire? What about them stands out to you? How can you emulate them?

  2. When does your voice lift up in excitement?

  3. When does your body feels most at ease?

  4. What makes you laugh?

  5. When do you feel most connected with others?

  6. When do you feel most fully yourself?

  7. What makes you feel proud of yourself?

  8. When do you feel most connected with the world around you?

  9. What plays a role when you feel most rested and sleep well?

  10. What makes you say, "Ahhhh, this is relaxing!"

  11. What is something you used to do as a child that would be fun to do again?

  12. What in nature helps you to feel grounded?

  13. What puts a smile on your face?

  14. What types of music put you in your groove?

  15. What are your favorite ways for your body to move? (dance, walk, bike, stretch, wiggle)

  16. What types of people (or even names of specific people) make you feel valued?

  17. What makes you feel silly or playful and not care what anyone else thinks?

  18. What type of memory lights you up?

  19. What do you wish others could experience because you appreciate it so much?

  20. What gives you hope?

  21. When have you felt a pang of jealousy? What was it that you wished you could have?

  22. What is something nice someone said or did that you really appreciated?

  23. What is something you are grateful for?

  24. What is something that is good for you and that you can't imagine not having in your life?

  25. Is there a type of trivia you are good at?

  26. What is your favorite color to look at and/or wear?

  27. What is something you'd like to learn?

  28. What do the words "comfy and cozy" convey for you?

  29. When do you feel the most peace of mind?

  30. What is a skill or talent you'd like to hone?

  31. What is your favorite season?

  32. What is something unique or goofy about yourself that sets you apart and makes you special?

  33. What is your favorite type of humor?

  34. What kinds of stories, books or movies do you like to watch?

  35. If you could come back in another lifetime, what would you want your next life to look like?

  36. What are your favorite activities to watch and/or participate in?

  37. What do you most want to be remembered for?

  38. What are your favorite foods? Beverages? Spices?

  39. What are some new things you'd like to try?

  40. Do you have a favorite Holiday?

  41. What feels like "good news" to you?

  42. If you had no limits, what would be an ideal day for you?

  43. What do you think is absolutely adorable?

  44. What is an adventure you'd like to experience?

  45. What do you like to create or fix?

  46. What is outside of your comfort zone but would feel great to accomplish or experience?

  47. What makes you say, "Oh, how cool!"?

  48. Have there been times where you've felt a sense of "flow" and lost track of time being fully absorbed in the moment?

  49. What makes you feel curious to know more about?

  50. What is something you miss doing that you could find a way to experience in a new way?

There are lots of questions we can ask ourselves to unveil clues about what brings us joy. Get curious and notice what comes up for you. What questions would you add to this list? Many of these questions and ideas are inspired by the 50 Fun Things workbook, workshop and the inspirational book, "50 Fun Things: Enjoy the Small Things."

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